Who can really make a difference for truckers?

Who can really make a difference for truckers?

With Truck Driver Appreciation Week here, we’re calling out three groups that need to step up to the plate and start making a difference for truckers.

Without their constant dedication to get things where they need to go, most of us would not be able to enjoy life as we do. Truck drivers deliver almost anything you can think of; food, medicine, construction materials. If you can think of it, then odds are a trucker delivered it.

Truckers do a lot, and they give up a lot to do it. It is a major commitment to leave your home for days or weeks at a time. It is especially difficult on those that have families.

Most truck drivers do have families to provide for. The long hours alone can take their toll. It can be hard to maintain friendships while always being away from home. And let’s not forget the hazardous conditions some trucker drivers have to travel through for their employers.

Truckers work hard to get the job done. Isn’t it time for a little appreciation?

How can we give back? What would make a trucker feel valued?

Most truckers long to be with their family when they aren’t out on the road. Friends can provide great support too, especially when they stay in touch while their driver friend is not in town.

Truckers need support from their family and friends.

For most people, family and friends are the most important thing in their life. This is no different for a truck driver. Drivers say that they can endure hours and hours on the road because they are doing it to provide for their families. So what are some ways that a driver’s family can show appreciation?

Home cooked meals.

  • One thing drivers don’t get enough of are home cooked meals. Having a great dinner ready for your spouse when they get home from a long run sure will make them happy! It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Anything warm and homemade will do the trick.

Stay in touch.

  • Let them know you appreciate what they do and stay in frequent contact with them when they are away. This will help the driver stave off feelings of loneliness until they come once again back to your loving embrace.

Spent quality time together.

  • Spend as much time with your family member as you can. Drivers are by themselves 90 percent of the time. The last thing they want when they come home is to be alone.

These are just a few things you can do, but the sky’s the limit! See what you can do to make your loved one feel appreciated next time they’re home. It will make a world of difference for them.

Drivers need support from friends.

In an academic study, drivers reported they prefered to spend their time at home hanging out with friends more than any other activity, including going out to eat. Truckers love to spend time with their friends.

When you’re on a run, things can get pretty solitary. Lack of leisure activities and someone to talk to can become quite the burden if it goes on for too long. But what can you, as the driver’s friend, do to help? Here are some ideas:

Go see a movie together.

  • Drivers hardly ever take some to relax and be entertained, but a little stress relief can go a long way. Offer your trucker friend some movie tickets for them and their family to enjoy, or, offer to go with them yourself. It’s easy to bond over a great film. And the popcorn is a handy little bonus.

Get them a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.

  • There’s nothing like sitting down to dine at your favorite eatery with friends and family. Drivers don’t normally get to take the time for long restaurant stops, so they will sure appreciate the gesture! Plus you get to eat too! It’s a win win!

Be there.

  • The most important thing you can do though, is just support and be there for your friend. Spend time with them when they are home. Stay in contact through text messages or phone calls while they’re gone. This will keep your friend stay inspired and less lonely as they make their long trips.

Again, these are just a few ideas. You know your friend better than we do! Show your driver buddy how much you appreciate them.

Truckers need companies to show them they care.

If anyone should appreciate what truck drivers do, it is the companies that they deliver goods and materials for! Drivers put in hour after hour, making sure their haul makes it to its destination in one piece and on time. So what can companies do to show appreciation to those hard working men and women? Here are some things that trucking companies have done in the past.

FREE stuff.

  • Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Some companies will give free merchandise like crock pots, shirts, hats, and other things to their drivers. Others will gift something really great like a new blu ray player or a top quality GPS system to a few lucky winners. Giving away something nice is a great way to show a company’s drivers that they are appreciated.

Public and Peer Recognition.

  • Another way companies can show their appreciation, is by simply telling their drivers how much they are valued. This can come in the form of social media posting or offering quarterly bonuses and incentives. When hard work is met with reward and appreciation, an employee can’t help but feel special.

The stomach is the way to the heart.

  • Other companies have shown their drivers that food is where the heart is with a massive on-site bbq or seafood picnic. Some businesses will set up in places along different routes with free hot dogs and soda for drivers that don’t have much time to stop. Everyone loves a good meal, especially when it’s free.

These are all great ways to show our appreciation for those in the trucking industry. Drivers work so hard, keeping our economy going, bringing new things to far off places, and keeping our great nation fed by delivering all kinds of food to every corner or America. Just remember that, next time you drink a soda, or bite into a great cut of steak, a truck brought that for you!