America’s Road Team 2017-2018

America’s Road Team 2017-2018

Unless you’re in the trucking industry or have a loved one that’s a driver, it’s likely that you have no idea what it takes to keep shelves stocked in America. Drivers often go unrecognized for their long hours, strenuous work conditions and time away from home. To help outsiders understand professional truck drivers better, the American Trucking Association and Volvo have partnered on a public outreach program called America’s Road Team. This small group of hand-selected drivers all have superior driving skills, impeccable safety records, a passion for road safety and the responsibility of representing 3.5 million truckers. They make truck driving jobs look easy.

After a long selection process that included nominations, applications, interviews and background checks, 20 drivers were chosen from several different carriers. The team includes company drivers, owner operators and members of driving teams.

“There are 3.5 million safe, professional truck drivers on our nation’s roads and every single one of them has a valuable story to tell. ATA is proud to select these respected drivers as the newest America’s Road Team Captains and we are thankful that they will continue to tell their important stories throughout the country,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “Their companies, friends and families should all be incredibly proud of these drivers for dedicating themselves to spreading a positive message about trucking.”

When you’re out of the road, you can spot a team member by their signature navy blue America’s Road Team blazer and they will be talking about their journey on industry websites, social media and news networks. If the blazer does not give them away, you can’t miss the ATA’s Interstate One Image Truck, sponsored by Volvo. It’s a state-of-the-art Volvo VNL 780, with a top of the line truck driving simulator.

The team will continue to work for their respective carriers while telling their story. They will focus on putting safety first and stressing the important role that drivers play in keeping American communities stocked.

As team members’ share their stories, we will share them with our readers. The first team member featured by America’s Road Team is Kirk Weis.

Kirk Weis has been a professional truck driver for 30 years and has accumulated over 1.3 million accident-free miles. He is a professional driver for ABF.

Kirk has won incredible driver awards during his career, including the One Million Mile Safe Driving Award, the 15-year Safety Performance Plaque, and the 14-year Safe Driving Certificate all from ABF. He has served as a member of the ABF Freight Road Team twice (2012-2013, 2014-2015) and is a Trucker Buddy to a school in France.

Nearly every company Kirk has worked with has recognized him for top notch performance. These awards include safe driver certificates, a special award for defensive driving, Rookie of the Year and training instructor awards.

Aside from those accomplishments, Kirk has competed and placed in several competitions including driving championships and even team driving competitions.

Kirk is from Rio Rancho, New Mexico where he lives with his wife, daughter and a son.

Each driver has their own unique career path, but every team member has relentlessly pursued being a top notch driver in their trucking career. These drivers are already out in the trucking community, getting to know fellow truckers and keeping a pulse on the industry. Now they will take their career a step further, possibly filling the most important role of their career. For the next two years, they will help move trucking forward by shaping public perspectives about what drivers do and how they keep our roads safe.

“Having hosted and worked alongside America’s Road Team many times at my Jet Express terminal and at industry events, I can confidently say that these are some of the finest drivers and representatives in our industry,” said ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express Inc. “Throughout the last few days, these professionals have demonstrated the positive image and hardworking attitude that the trucking industry is known for and I’m proud that they will represent us for the next two years and beyond.”

America’s Road Team Members


Steve Brand, FedEx Freight

Jon Brockway, Walmart Transportation LLC

John Gaddy, Carbon Express, Inc.

Scott Harrison, K Limited Carrier Ltd

Rhonda Hartman, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Gary Helms, Covenant Transport, Inc.

Bill Krouse, YRC Freight

David Livingston, TCW, Inc.

Charles Lobsiger, Walmart Transportation LLC

Timothy Melody, ABF Freight System, Inc.

James Moore, Saia LTL Freight

Chris Outen, FedEx Freight

Charlton Paul Jr., UPS Freight

Jeffrey Payne, Reddaway, Inc.

Stephen Richardson, Big G Express, Inc.

Michael Sheeds, Werner Enterprises

Steven Smalley, ABF Freight System, Inc.

Gary Smith, Garner Trucking, Inc.

Earl Taylor, Penske Logistics

Tim Taylor, FedEx Freight